Itambira Island Seeds of Hope delivered a Marriage Enhancement course during April 2021, culminating in a celebration service at Buhumba church.

The training course was arranged for local families to provide support to the institution of marriage with a combination of instruction and discussion to help participants learn more about how to build strong foundations for lifetime relationships. The course teaches principles and techniques to improve mutual understanding and family cohesion.

This April, the course welcomed a large group of men and women. Full attention was given to the providing a covid-safe environment for the participants. Much training can be delivered out of doors. When this is not possible, indoor sessions are designed to ensure social distancing. Masks are worn and hand washing facilities are provided.

Marriage and family enhancements have become very popular part of the offering from Itambira Island Seeds of Hope. Participants provide moving feedback about how much the experience has altered their relationships and joy at home.

Charity and Community

Itambira Island Seeds of Hope is a not for profit Community based Organisation in SW Uganda partnering with Itambira Island Trust a UK registered charity.

We work with communities surrounding Lake Bunyonyi through a variety of projects designed to improve their livelihood, including training courses, water tanks, and other initiatives.

All profit from tourism goes to support our local community projects.

The charity also welcomes donations, which have been greatly achieved during the covid pandemic, which has adversely affected the numbers of tourists able to visit.

Itambira Island

Itambira Island offers a unique opportunity to stay on Lake Bunyonyi. Day visitors are welcome and overnight guests can choose to stay in colourful en-suite treehouses or roundhouses with a lake view. We also offer budget accommodation and a cottage which is ideal for families or groups.

Our restaurant overlooking Lake Bunyonyi serves local and international food. We also offer wood-fired pizza and run regular barbecues. Sit by the firepit and watch the sun go down!

Conferences and events are our speciality.

Registered Charity

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project and all profit supports our local community training courses and other initiatives.

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