• Solar power

  • Vegetable allotments

  • Water-conscious


We work hard to protect the beautiful environment around us, while always ensuring the comfort of our guests. Our environmental principles where possible include:

  • Solar power water heating (with generator to ensure standards are maintained on cloudy days)
  • Home grown vegetables and fruit served in our restaurant
  • Locally sourced products to minimise carbon footprint
  • Buildings constructed with local materials
  • Optimal waste disposal

  • Community engagement

  • Profits charity

  • Local employment


Itambira Island is home to the Seeds of Hope project:

  • All profits benefit local projects
  • NGO and UK-registered charity
  • Numerous training and support initiatives for the local community
  • Employment opportunities for local people in tourism
  • Close to nature

  • Lakeside setting

  • Birdwatching


Itambira Island is set in Lake Bunyonyi, an area of outstanding natural beauty:

  • Deep freshwater lake
  • Woodlands
  • See an amazing variety of birds and wildlife