A ‘taste of success’!

Itambira Island Seeds of Hope uses profit from tourism to help benefit the local community in a number of areas, including a variety of training courses.

We were delighted to host a group of local mums for a Food Security & Nutrition training course.

This popular course teaches important principles as well as providing tips and techniques for feeding the family.

Topics covered include:

  • Eating three times a day
  • Giving children breakfast before school
  • Cooking food properly
  • Boiling water to drink
  • Balanced diet
  • Weaning babies

Arriving by motorboat

Food nutrition training course Bunyonyi

Opening the meeting in style!

Stories from the course…

One of attendees –  Evelyn – knew breast feeding was enough for her  baby each day. However she unaware that when her baby reached 6 months old, she needed to wean with different types of food such as eggs and milk; and not rely on breast feeding alone for 12 months.

Celebrations and gifts!

At the end of the course there was a celebration and each attendee was given a ‘hoe’ to encourage them with food security.

The hoes were donated by gifts from the Christmas Appeal in the UK. They were so appreciative.

Food nutrition course hoe gift Bunyonyi charity

Celebrating success the Itambira way!

Itambira Island Trust

Itambira Island Trust (UK registered charity 1167127) partners with Itambira Island Seeds of Hope to raise awareness and support.

The mission of Itambira Island Seeds of Hope is to provide the communities around Lake Bunyonyi with opportunities for learning with the aim of transforming their lives physically, economically and spiritually.

Itambira Island Welcomes Guests

Itambira Island offers a unique opportunity to stay on Lake Bunyonyi. Day visitors are welcome to visit our facilities and restaurant, while guests can also book overnight accommodation in treehouses, roundhouses or the house on the hill. We’ve expanded and now have treehouses on the lake as well as among the trees; plus simple, cheap and clean budget/backpacker options for those on a budget.

Conferences and events are our speciality.

Please contact us for more information.

Telephone: +256778785624 / +256754942699
Email: info@bunyonyilake.com

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project.