Marriage Enhancement

Courses bringing couples together to address family issues, including:

  • Family planning
  • Income management
  • Roles
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Land use
marriage enhancement training

This course is so popular that we are being constantly asked to run more…

In fulfilment of our strategic objective of empowering the communities around Lake Bunyonyi, we are so aware of the importance of having stable families with couples working together, sharing roles and living in harmony. In many homes the women are left to do most of the work such as securing food, bringing up children and other domestic chores. Many men spend much of their time in makeshift market places and bars drinking alcohol, thus squandering the little money they would have earned from the markets.

The training in family enhancement promotes equitable sharing of roles in the homes and encourages the men to be more responsible in family welfare.

15 couples attend the  course one day  a week for 8 weeks. It is essential that they attend as couples, which is a big first step! The course includes teaching – from the front, group work, discussion and roleplay with a variety of facilitators…

Course content includes:

  1. Relationship between husband and wife
  2. Sharing roles and responsibilities
  3. Parenting
  4. Management of resources –
  5. Ownership of property
  6. Family planning
  7. Domestic and personal hygiene
  8. Conflict resolution…


At a previous course 15 couples attending had not been married in church and following the course wanted to make commitments before God, and 7 publicly accepted Jesus. The wedding attracted many people in the community.

Attendees expressed a desire to put into practice learning from the course in working together as a family based on Christian values.

family enhancement wedding

marriage enhancement banner