Itambira Island may be surrounded by the waters of Lake Bunyonyi, but for most of the local population, getting water is a daily chore.

Access to the water tends to be down very steep and uneven paths, which are even harder to negotiated when carrying a full jerry can, particularly if you are pregnant or carrying a little one.

Our project works with communities surrounding Lake Bunyonyi through a variety of projects designed to improve their livelihood.

We have been able to fund the construction of a number of water tanks for local families and communities, thanks to:

  • Use of profits from tourism on Itambira Island Seeds of Hope
  • Kind donations of our supporters in the UK and worldwide

Having access to water without having to walk makes a huge difference to the families.

Water tanks collect water during the rainy season (when it falls out of the sky in abundance!) and can then be used for washing or cooking during the dry months.

Building the water tanks involves the whole community as these photos show:

Uganda water tanks materials

Unloading materials for water tank construction, provided and funded by Itamibira Island Seeds of Hope NGO project.

Uganda water tanks moving materials

The community gets involved with locals helping to carry the heavy sand and cement.

Uganda home of water tank recipient

This is the home of a local family who are are going to be receiving a water tank.

Water tank construction

The tank construction is underway…

Water tank construction women

The family are all involved in preparing the construction.

Water tank project complete

It’s finished! The water tank is now ready for rainy season, when it will be filled to supply a family.

Water Tanks Change Lives

Having lots of water available is something that we can take for granted.

For those who receive a water tank, the effects are life changing.

No more having to walk down to the lake every day, no more having to scrimp on water usage. The water is simply stored for when it is needed.

If you would like to donate to the water tanks projects, please get in touch.

Water For Our Guests…

If you are interested in staying at Itambira Island Seeds of Hope, don’t worry about availability of water. All our guest accommodation has access to showers, flush toilets and taps/basins. Our treehouses and roundhouses offer private ensuite facilities with hot water which is pumped up from the lake daily and solar-heated.

The water is not suitable for drinking or brushing teeth, but we stock ample bottled water.

Itambira Island

Itambira Island offers a unique opportunity to stay on Lake Bunyonyi. Day visitors are welcome and overnight guests can choose to stay in colourful en-suite treehouses or roundhouses with a lake view. We also offer budget accommodation and a cottage which is ideal for families or groups.

Our restaurant overlooking Lake Bunyonyi serves local and international food. We also offer wood-fired pizza and run regular barbecues. Sit by the firepit and watch the sun go down!

Conferences and events are our speciality.

Registered Charity

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project and all profit supports our local community training courses and other initiatives.

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