Charity organisation Itambira Island Seeds of Hope has delivered another 4 water tanks for communities local to Lake Bunyonyi.

Thanks to donations from our supporters, we’ve been able to provide more families within the local community with their own convenient water storage.

Water tanks are literally life changing for those that receive them and Itambira Island Seeds of Hope is committed to continuing to expand the scheme around Lake Bunyonyi.

Accessing water is very difficult for the area as slopes are steep and paths are rough, so collecting water has been a daily chore involving long walks and heavy carrying. Water tanks collect large amounts of water during the rainy season; which can then be used for daily washing or cooking for months to come.

Water Tank Project Details


  • Reduce distance to water points.
  • Provide clean water to the beneficiaries.
  • To give more time for other community activities.
  • To provide more time to the children for school work
  • To improve hygiene in homes.

Target group:

  • Buhumba community in Kitumba subcounty
  • 4 homes with a population of 20 people

Training provided:

  • Tank construction
  • Group work and hands on.

Training outcomes:

  • 4 Ferro cement Tanks of 4000 litre capacity have been completed and in use.
  • Time saved from travelling to fetch water from the lake used on after family activities.
  • Improved hygiene because more water is available.
  • Children attend more to their schools homework as they don’t have to spend time fetching water

Reviews & Feedback

These families describe in their own words what it means to them to receive a water tank.

Water tank donation uganda

I thank God for the tank built for my family by Seeds of Hope.

At least we can access clean water at our door steps.

This has helped to improve hygiene in my house and my children too.

I have 3 married sons whose families are benefiting from the water tank.

Peninah  Nyanjara

Water tank donation Bunyonyi Lake

It would take us a full hour to walk from our home down to the lake to collect water for domestic use.

Very many activities at home would not be done on time due to the time lost in collecting water.

We thank Seeds of Hope project for the relief by providing us with a rainwater tank.

It has brought a big change in our family including hygiene improvement.

MWEBEMBEZI MILTON and his wife Nyakiira Alice.

Water tank donation Bunyonyi

The rainwater tank has been of a great help to my family.

It used to take me 45 minutes from the hill to the lake to get water for the family  activities. As a mother of one child I have to collect the water myself since I don’t have  other children to send.

With the water tank, we can now access clean water for domestic use and other activities like making bricks for the house we are building. I also water the vegetable garden.

Nshabohurira Kate

Charity water tank uganda

I live at the top of the hill in Buhumba community.

One of the major problems in my family was water shortage. This has been solved by Seeds of Hope project by giving me a water tank.

It is a very big relief and I thank God for it. I have been taking 45 minutes to the lake to collect water for the family.

The time saved now is being utilized in doing other activities like cooking on time, washing up, growing vegetables in the backyard gardens and children have got time to read their books which will improve performance.

Alice Tukamushaba Masezero

Charity and Community

Itambira Island Seeds of Hope is a not for profit Community based Organisation in SW Uganda partnering with Itambira Island Trust a UK registered charity.

We work with communities surrounding Lake Bunyonyi through a variety of projects designed to improve their livelihood, including training courses, water tanks, and other initiatives.

All profit from tourism goes to support our local community projects.

Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, Itambira Island Seeds of Hope have been determined to continue the charity work as much as is safe and possible, adapting our activities as required in the challenging environment.

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Registered Charity

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project and all profit supports our local community training courses and other initiatives.

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