Fresh Pizza at Itambira Island, Lake Bunyonyi

pizza ovenWood Fired Pizza Oven

We are pleased to offer our visitors freshly cooked pizza as we now have a proper wood fired pizza oven, adding even more choice to our restaurant.

A wide variety of pizzas is available made to order, with light and fluffy crusts, freshly made tomato sauce and cheese.

This is unique to Itambira Island, Seeds of Hope on Lake Bunyonyi.

Pizza Oven Construction

The pizza oven was built and completed in August 2015.

Itambira Island

Itambira Island offers a unique opportunity to stay on Lake Bunyonyi. Day visitors are welcome to visit our facilities and restaurant, while guests can also book overnight accommodation in treehouses, roundhouses or the house on the hill. Conferences and events are our speciality.

Please contact us for more information.

Telephone: +256778785624 / +256754942699

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project.

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