Charity Outreach Project

Buhumba, SW Uganda

Charity organisation Itambira Island Seeds of Hope has delivered a training course in microfinance in Buhumba.

The project assists communities local to Lake Bunyonyi in establishing their own businesses by providing a system of management as well as skills and training in how to set up a business.

Itambira Island Trust has already set up a number of successful microfinance projects in the area. This has helped numerous businesses to get off the ground, from tailoring to agriculture.

Thanks to donations from our supporters and reinvestment of profits from tourism, Itambira Island Seeds of Hope has worked hard to help individuals and families within the local community to achieve a better quality of life and income through delivery of a variety of training courses.

While the pandemic has created certain challenges for the team, they have persevered in finding ways to continue the outreach and training projects.

Charity and Community

Itambira Island Seeds of Hope is a not for profit Community based Organisation in SW Uganda partnering with Itambira Island Trust a UK registered charity.

We work with communities surrounding Lake Bunyonyi through a variety of projects designed to improve their livelihood, including training courses, water tanks, and other initiatives.

All profit from tourism goes to support our local community projects.

Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, Itambira Island Seeds of Hope have been determined to continue the charity work as much as is safe and possible, adapting our activities as required in the challenging environment.

Itambira Island

Itambira Island offers a unique opportunity to stay on Lake Bunyonyi. Day visitors are welcome and overnight guests can choose to stay in colourful en-suite treehouses or roundhouses with a lake view. We also offer budget accommodation and a cottage which is ideal for families or groups.

Our restaurant overlooking Lake Bunyonyi serves local and international food. We also offer wood-fired pizza and run regular barbecues. Sit by the firepit and watch the sun go down!

Conferences and events are our speciality.

Registered Charity

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project and all profit supports our local community training courses and other initiatives.

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