Christmas is coming…

…This is your opportunity to shop for gifts which will help transform lives…

Are you struggling to find gifts – especially this Christmas? Why not use the opportunity to bring hope and show love to families around Lake Bunyonyi. A gift will help us in transforming the lives of those around Lake Bunyonyi through Itambira Island Seeds of Hope.

Gift Suggestions

To Suit Your budget

Christmas Gifts
  • Hoe £4
    • Digging is all done with a hoe – essential for rural families to plant and harvest
  • Household essentials £6 – Jerry can + Basin + bucket
    • Jerry Cans are essential for collecting and carrying water from the lake – an arduous daily task…
    • Basin & Bucket – for so many purposes in the home – washing clothes, bathing …
  • Rukiga Bible £7
    • Bible in the local language – Many do not have a Bible and
      such a gift would be so much appreciated at Christmas
  • Saucepan £9
    • For cooking family meals
  • Seeds £10
    • Good seeds for a family e.g. maize and beans, enable planting for a good harvest and, this is coupled with training in improved agricultural techniques
Jerry Can

  • School books pens and pencils £15
    • Notebooks and pencils for a class of 48 in a village school or Seeds of Hope training
  • Blanket £15
    • At over 2000m (6,000 ft) it gets cold at night!
  • 3 chickens £18
    • For eggs, chicks and meat
  • Mattress £20
    • Much needed by everyone everywhere
  • Goat £45
    • A goat provides milk, meat, manure and will eat anything
  • Water tank £250
    • Providing access to water without the time and labour of climbing the steep slopes from the lake each day. Beneficiaries help build the tank and the cost includes training – thus gaining a skill!

How to order

You can download an order form or simply get in touch with us at for more information.

A free ‘Gift card’ can be supplied for you to give to others.

You can also browse and share our Christmas gift idea in our Christmas catalogue.

How to pay

  1. By cheque to ‘Itambira Island Trust’. Please send to 10 Oaklands Rd, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2TB
  2. Online payment. Email: for details.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase your gift by 25%.

If you have not already registered with us , please request a gift aid form with your order

Itambira Island Trust

Itambira Island Trust (UK registered charity 1167127) partners with Itambira Island Seeds of Hope to raise awareness and support.

The mission of Itambira Island Seeds of Hope is to provide the communities around Lake Bunyonyi with opportunities for learning with the aim of transforming their lives physically, economically and spiritually.

Itambira Island Welcomes Guests

Itambira Island offers a unique opportunity to stay on Lake Bunyonyi. Day visitors are welcome to visit our facilities and restaurant, while guests can also book overnight accommodation in treehouses, roundhouses or the house on the hill. We’ve expanded and now have treehouses on the lake as well as among the trees; plus simple, cheap and clean budget/backpacker options for those on a budget.

Conferences and events are our speciality.

Please contact us for more information.

Telephone: +256778785624 / +256754942699

Itambira Island is also home to the Seeds of Hope project.